Diamond Platnumz Proposes to Zuchu, Wedding Imminent!

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz has reportedly proposed to his fellow singer Zuchu, according to socialite and presenter Juma Lokole. Lokole made the claim during the launch of the Kitasa Hair Collection store in Dar es Salaam on Saturday, December 16, 2023.

“I can confirm that Diamond has sent a marriage proposal to Zuchu’s family in Zanzibar,” Lokole said. “The family is still considering the proposal, but if they accept, the wedding could happen very soon.”

Lokole’s claim comes after months of speculation that Diamond and Zuchu were dating. The two singers have been spotted together on several occasions, and they have also collaborated on a number of songs together.

If Diamond and Zuchu do get married, it would be a major event in Tanzanian entertainment. Both singers are among the most popular and successful artists in the country, and their wedding would be a major media spectacle.

It remains to be seen whether Diamond and Zuchu’s families will agree to the marriage proposal. If they do, it would be a major step forward in their relationship, and it would also be a major event for Tanzanian entertainment.

Will Diamond and Zuchu get married?

Only time will tell if Diamond and Zuchu will get married. However, Lokole’s claim suggests that the proposal has been made, and that the families are considering it. If the proposal is accepted, it would be a major event in Tanzanian entertainment.

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