Dj Seven – Shtuka Ft. Kusah: Tulia Ukiweza, Warns Cheating Partners

A new song by Tanzanian singer and DJ, Dj Seven Worldwide Ft. Kusah, is warning listeners to be wary of cheating partners. The song, titled “Shtuka,” translates to “Beware” in English.

The song’s lyrics describe a number of signs that a partner may be cheating. For example, the song warns listeners to be suspicious if their partner is always on their phone, comes home late at night, or has not been intimate in a while.

The song’s message is clear: if you see any of these signs, it’s time to “shtuka” and start asking questions.

The song has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some people have praised the song for its message of honesty and transparency, while others have criticized it for being too negative.

Regardless of how it is received, “Shtuka” is sure to start a conversation about cheating and relationships in Tanzania.

Here are some of the specific lyrics that warn of cheating partners:

  • “Shtuka ukimuona anchart na simu pembeni” (Beware if you see them chatting on the phone with someone else)
  • “Shtuka, amerudi usiku unamshika mwenzako anasinzia” (Beware if you come home late at night and your partner is asleep)
  • “Shtuka imepata hadi wiki hamjafanya mapenzi” (Beware if you haven’t had sex in a week)
  • “Shtuka, anamwingine pembeni we upo tu” (Beware, they have someone else on the side and you’re just there)

These lyrics are all common signs that a partner may be cheating. If you see any of these signs, it’s important to talk to your partner about your concerns. Stream below;

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