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Reggae music has a way of transporting us to a sunny island paradise. Its laid-back rhythms, heartwarming lyrics, and messages of peace and unity are just what the soul needs. Whether you’re a seasoned reggae aficionado or dipping your toes into the genre, here’s a sweet selection of artists for your next music session:

Classic Legends

  • Bob Marley: The undisputed king of reggae, Bob Marley’s timeless classics like “No Woman No Cry,” “One Love,” and “Redemption Song” define the genre.
  • Peter Tosh: A powerful voice for social justice, Tosh’s songs like “Get Up, Stand Up” and “Legalize It” remain anthems of empowerment.
  • Jimmy Cliff: His upbeat tunes like “The Harder They Come” and “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Modern Masters

  • Chronixx: A contemporary reggae star carrying the torch of conscious roots music with hits like “Skankin’ Sweet” and “Smile Jamaica.”
  • Protoje: This innovative artist fuses reggae with elements of hip-hop and soul, creating a unique, fresh sound.
  • Koffee: The youngest Grammy Award winner for Best Reggae Album, Koffee brings a youthful energy and positive message to the scene.

Hidden Gems

  • Gregory Isaacs: Known as the “Cool Ruler,” Isaacs’ smooth vocals and romantic ballads will melt your heart.
  • Burning Spear: His deeply spiritual and hypnotic style of reggae is perfect for introspective listening.
  • Steel Pulse: This British band brought a socially conscious edge to reggae, tackling themes of inequality and injustice.

Where to Stream

  • Spotify: Create your own playlists or explore curated selections of sweet reggae.
  • YouTube: Find live performances, music videos, and deep cuts from your favorite artists
  • Dedicated Reggae Streaming Sites: Check out platforms that specialize in reggae music for an even wider selection.

So, there you have it! Whether you’re chilling on the beach, need a mood boost, or want a soundtrack for reflection, sweet reggae is the answer. Let the rhythm take you away! Or you can just stream below direct from Boomplay;


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