Dulla Makabila – Furahi: Nimekuacha! A Message of Pain and Resentment

Tanzanian singer Dulla Makabila has released a new song called “Furahi,” which seems to be a direct message to his ex-wife, Zaiylissa (Referred to as Twiga Wa Chamazi.” The song is full of pain, resentment, and anger, and it is clear that Makabila is still struggling to come to terms with the end of his marriage.

The lyrics of the song paint a picture of a relationship that was once loving and passionate, but that eventually fell apart due to Zaiylissa’s ambition and materialism. Makabila sings about how Zaiylissa was initially attracted to him for his money and fame, but that she eventually grew bored of him and left him for a wealthier man.

In one particularly telling line, Makabila sings, “Ulimbukeni wa umaarufu ukaniacha.” This translates to “You were blinded by fame and left me.” This line suggests that Zaiylissa’s desire for success and recognition ultimately led to the end of her marriage.

Makabila also sings about how Zaiylissa was unfaithful to him during their marriage. He sings about how she would demand money from him in exchange for sex, and how she would flirt with other men in front of him.

In one particularly painful line, Makabila sings, “Tupo ndani ya ndoa lakini bado ulinidangia.” This translates to “We were married, but you still cheated on me.” This line suggests that Zaiylissa’s infidelity was a major factor in the breakdown of their marriage.

The song ends with Makabila expressing his anger and resentment towards Zaiylissa. He sings, “We furahi nimekuacha furahi, we furahi nimekushinwa furahi tu.” This translates to “You’re happy that I left you, you’re happy that I beat you.” This line suggests that Makabila is still struggling to come to terms with the end of his marriage, and that he is still angry with Zaiylissa for what she did to him.

Furahi” is a powerful and emotional song that provides a glimpse into the pain and heartbreak that Makabila is still experiencing. The song is also a reminder of the destructive power of materialism and ambition. Stream below;

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