Dully Sykes Makes a Powerful Return with “Bila Mungu”

Tanzanian music legend Dully Sykes, also known as Mister Misifa, has blessed us with a brand new song, “Bila Mungu” (Without God). This release marks a powerful return for Sykes, with a message that resonates deeply.

“Bila Mungu” is an expression of faith and gratitude. Dully pours his heart out, acknowledging that God’s presence has been with him throughout his journey. The lyrics speak of those who doubted him and wished him ill, but through his faith, he persevered.

Sykes, a prominent figure in the Bongo Flava genre, is no stranger to hits. Many of his songs, including tracks like “Maria” and “Raha Ya Tunda,” have garnered massive online popularity, with millions of streams and downloads on Boomplay.

“Bila Mungu” promises to be another success story. The song’s message of resilience and unwavering faith is sure to connect with fans across Tanzania and beyond.

Is there a music video for “Bila Mungu?”

We can’t confirm the existence of a music video at this point, but with a song this powerful, there’s a good chance Dully Sykes might have one in the works. Keep an eye on Dully’s official channels for any updates!

This new release marks a significant moment in Dully Sykes’ career. “Bila Mungu” is a testament to his faith and a powerful reminder that with belief and perseverance, anything is possible.


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