Emmie Deebo and Platform Collaborate on Heartfelt Love Song ‘Hapa’

Malawi’s music scene is buzzing with excitement as Emmie Deebo, the talented female singer, teams up with Tanzanian sensation Platform to release their brand new love song, “Hapa.” This collaborative effort promises to captivate audiences with its heartfelt lyrics and infectious melody.

In “Hapa,” Platform pours out his emotions, surrendering his heart to his beloved, expressing how she has won him over completely. His smooth vocals intertwine with Emmie’s soulful voice, creating a beautiful harmony that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Emmie’s verses in the song express the intense emotions of being in love, with her heart beating faster at the thought of the deep connection she shares with her partner. Her passionate delivery adds depth and sincerity to the track, making it a truly memorable listening experience.

“Hapa” is more than just a song—it’s a heartfelt expression of love that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level. Emmie Deebo and Platform’s collaboration is a testament to the beauty of music and its ability to evoke emotions, and their new single is bound to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Stream below;


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