Listen: Frida Amani Ft Moni Centrozone – Talk to me Nice (Ongea Nami Vizuri)

Frida Amani who is known for her powerful and socially conscious music has released another stunning soundtrack titled, Talk to me Nice Ft Moni Centrozone. Frida has gained recognition for her thought-provoking lyrics, addressing social issues such in Tanzania.

Her music often combines elements of traditional Tanzanian music with contemporary hip-hop beats, creating a unique and distinct sound. Frida Amani has released several popular tracks, including “Ya Nini,” “Madam President,” and “Pull Up.”

Frida‘s music resonates with listeners who appreciate her strong lyrical content and her ability to shed light on important societal issues. With this brand new sound she has proven it to her fans all over the East African countries.

Frida Amani continues to make an impact in the Tanzanian music industry and has gained a dedicated fan base both within Tanzania and internationally. Frida Amani has been regarded as one of the prominent voices in the Tanzanian hip-hop scene.

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