Frida Rottson – Deni Limelipwa EP: A Soulful New Gospel Album

Gospel music lovers, rejoice! Tanzanian singer, songwriter, and spiritually gifted vocalist Frida Rottson has released her brand-new extended playlist (EP), “Deni Limelipwa.” Described as a piece of fineness and ministry at its best, this EP delves into themes of finding true love and offers guidance for the holy season of Lent (Quaresma).

Who is Frida Rottson?

Born on January 1st, 1985, Frida Rottson‘s musical journey began at a young age. Her lifelong passion for music led her to cultivate a successful career, producing beloved hits like “Upendo wa Mungu,” “Umenigusa Bwana,” “Silalamiki,” “Upendo,” and “Ninakupenda” under Bongo Brothers Limited (BBL).

Beyond her solo work, Frida Rottson also serves as the chairperson of the WATER LIFE HYMNERS, a band dedicated to uplifting followers of Jesus Christ. Their mission is to spread a message of worship and praise across Tanzania and beyond through their powerful singing ministry.

“Deni Limelipwa”: Exploring Love and Lent

Frida Rottson’s latest EP, “Deni Limelipwa,” invites listeners on a spiritual exploration of true love and the reflective period of Lent. Her soulful voice shines on tracks like “Napendwa,” “Ninakupenda,” “Brand New,” and the title song “Deni Limelipwa.” These songs offer words of comfort and guidance as you navigate the Lenten season.

Get Your Copy Today

Experience the transformative power of Frida Rottson‘s “Deni Limelipwa.” [Include links to where the EP can be streamed or purchased]. Let her music guide your spiritual journey, especially during those moments of quiet reflection throughout Lent.


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