Frida Rottson – Ninakupenda: A Wedding Heartfelt New Single

Tanzanian gospel music has a bright new star, and her name is Frida Rottson. This spiritually gifted singer, vocalist, and songwriter has emerged with a message of love and faith that’s sure to resonate with listeners. Her latest release, “Ninakupenda,” is a beautiful dedication of love and gratitude, perfect for weddings and celebrations.

A Passion for Music Since Childhood

Born on January 1st, 1985, Frida Rottson‘s passion for music began in her youth. She nurtured her talent over the years, and now her dream is a reality. With past hits like “Upendo wa mungu,” “Umenigusa Bwana,” “Silalamiki,” and “Upendo,” Frida is quickly establishing herself as a powerful voice in Tanzanian gospel music. Her songs are produced under Bongo Brothers Limited (BBL), ensuring high-quality production values.

A Ministry of Music: Water Life Hymners

Frida Rottson isn’t just a solo artist – she’s also the chairman of Water Life Hymners. This inspiring band seeks to uplift followers of Jesus Christ and become a symbol of praise and worship across Tanzania. Their high-level singing ministry brings a fresh and dynamic energy to gospel music.

“Ninakupenda”: A Song for Love and Celebration

Frida’s latest single, “Ninakupenda,” is a heartfelt ballad with a universal message. The song, which means “I love you” in Swahili, tells the story of a bride dedicating herself to her lover on their wedding day. Frida sings of her joy, her gratitude to God, and the sight of her family celebrating her union. This makes “Ninakupenda” an incredibly special song, ideal for weddings and other joyous events.

Where to Find Frida Rottson’s Music

If you’re inspired by Frida Rottson’s story and want to hear “Ninakupenda” and her other moving songs, you can find her music on popular streaming platforms, or wherever her music is available.

Be sure to follow Frida Rottson on social media to stay updated on her latest releases and performances. This is a rising star whose music is sure to touch hearts and inspire faith for years to come.


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