Genevieve – Kaa Mbali Video Ft Chino Kidd: Amapiano Banger

Tanzanian songstress Genevieve has teamed up with Chino Kidd for a brand new amapiano banger titled “Kaa Mbali.” The song is a certified bop, with catchy lyrics and a danceable beat.

The song’s title, “Kaa Mbali,” means “Stay Away” in English. The lyrics are about Genevieve telling her ex-boyfriends to stay away from her. She’s over them and she’s not interested in getting back together.

The song is a celebration of Genevieve’s success. She’s worked hard and she’s finally achieved her goals. She’s at the top of her game and she’s not going to let anyone bring her down.

The song is a perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever been through a breakup. It’s a reminder that you’re better off without your ex and that you deserve to be happy.

The Song’s Lyrics

The song’s lyrics are empowering and relatable. Genevieve sings about how she’s done with her ex-boyfriends and how she’s focused on her own happiness.

Here are some of the song’s lyrics:

  • “Salamu kwa ma ex, ndo maana nipo busy” (Greetings to my exes, that’s why I’m busy)
  • “Wenye wivu wajinyonge, nimefanikiwa” (Those who are jealous should hang themselves, I’ve succeeded)
  • “Mi nipo juu, siteseki tena nimefika kikome” (I’m at the top, I’m not playing anymore, I’ve reached my destination)

The Song’s Beat

The song’s beat is upbeat and danceable. It’s perfect for a party or a night out with friends.

The song’s beat is a mix of amapiano and Afrobeat. Amapiano is a genre of South African house music that’s characterized by its use of piano chords and percussion. Afrobeat is a genre of West African music that’s characterized by its use of heavy drums and complex rhythms.

The Song’s Impact

The song has been a hit in Tanzania and beyond. It’s been played on the radio and in clubs all over the country.

The song has also been a hit on social media. The music video for the song has been viewed over a million times on YouTube.


Kaa Mbali” is a catchy and empowering song from Tanzanian songstress Genevieve. The song is a celebration of Genevieve’s success and it’s a perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever been through a breakup.

If you’re looking for a new song to add to your playlist, be sure to check out “Kaa Mbali.” You won’t be disappointed. Stream below;

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