Ginton & Idd Aziz Unleash “Mia Pembe”

Mark your calendars, music lovers, because Amsterdam-based platinum DJ/producer and guitarist Ginton has dropped an absolute banger. His latest release, “Mia Pembe,” is a sizzling collaboration with renowned Kenyan vocalist Idd Aziz that will have your feet moving before you even know it.

A Fusion of Infectious Rhythms and Soulful Vocals

“Mia Pembe” is a masterful blend of Afrobeat energy, Ginton’s signature guitar riffs, and Idd Aziz’s captivating voice. Prepare for deep basslines layered with rhythmic percussion and laced with tender piano melodies that create an infectious sonic atmosphere. This is a track that will take you on a journey, moving through different tempos and moods, fueled by Idd Aziz’s passionate storytelling.

The Story Behind the Song

Ginton, whose previous hit “Black Magic Woman” took the scene by storm, has a knack for finding talented collaborators. Speaking on the inspiration for “Mia Pembe,” he revealed, “I’ve always admired Idd’s unique sound and followed his work. When I created this beat, I knew his voice would be the perfect fit. We connected online, discussed the song, and the rest was magic!”

Where to Find “Mia Pembe”

Don’t miss out on one of the hottest releases of the season. “Mia Pembe” is out now on all major music streaming platforms. Add it to your playlists and turn up the volume!


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