Harmonize – I Made It Video Ft. Bobby Shmurda & Bien: A Song of Self-Belief

Get ready to be motivated and inspired as Tanzanian musical icon Harmonize drops his powerful new track, “I Made It.” This song is a triumphant declaration of perseverance, faith, and relentless effort that’s sure to have you hitting repeat.

Key Messages in “I Made It”

I Made It” doesn’t just announce success; it dissects the lessons learned on the way to the top. Here are some of the core themes Harmonize touches upon:

  • The Power of Staying True to Yourself: Lines like “No one is you, that is a power of you” and “Keep being in you no matter what you face” speak to the importance of individuality and self-acceptance.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Harmonize openly reflects on difficult times: “I remember how I used to sleep on the floor.” This vulnerability reminds us that success is often achieved by overcoming tough hurdles.
  • Faith and Gratitude The phrase “Alhamdulillah” (Arabic for “praise be to God”) is repeated throughout, adding a powerful layer of spirituality and thankfulness to the song.
  • No Wasted Opportunities: “Please don’t waste opportunity, look me now” urges listeners to seize the moment and make the most of their potential.

International Collaboration

“I Made It” features a diverse array of artists that adds flavor and global appeal to the track:

  • Bobby Shmurda (U.S. Rapper): Shmurda adds an energetic dose of American hip-hop flavor, showcasing his signature delivery and swagger.
  • Bien (Kenyan Vocalist): Bien, known for his role in the popular Kenyan group Sauti Sol, contributes soulful verses that perfectly complement Harmonize’s vocals.

More Than Just a Song, It’s a Movement

“I Made It” is more than simply a great tune; it’s a statement, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Harmonize wants you to know that regardless of your background or any setbacks you might face, success is possible. His journey isn’t unique, and this song offers hope to anyone striving for their goals.

Where to Listen

Don’t miss out! You can find “I Made It” on all major streaming platforms including boomplay. Get ready to add this motivational masterpiece to your playlists


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