Harmonize’s “Single Again” Knocks Diamond Platnumz Off the Charts

Harmonize, one of Tanzania’s most popular musicians, has achieved a major milestone with his song “Single Again.” The song, which has over 8.2 million streams on Spotify, is the only Tanzanian song to be included on Spotify’s list of the top 50 African songs streamed outside of Africa.

Harmonize’s success is also reflected in Spotify’s Wrapped 2023 report. “Single Again” is ranked sixth on the list of the top 75 Afrobeats songs streamed in Africa, while Diamond Platnumz’s “Shu!” is ranked 14th and Jux and Diamond’s “Enjoy” is ranked 24th.

On Spotify’s list of the top African songs that are still trending, “Single Again” is ranked eighth, making it the only Tanzanian song to appear on the list.

Harmonize is also the second most-streamed Tanzanian artist on Spotify this year, behind Diamond Platnumz. “Single Again” is ranked second on the list of the top Tanzanian songs streamed on Spotify, followed by Rayvanny’s “Forever.”

The playlist of the top 60 Bongo Flava songs of 2023 is led by “Mi amor,” a song by Marioo and Jovial that was also named the 39th best Afrobeats song of 2022 by Rolling Stone magazine. “Mi amor” is not the only Marioo song to make the list, as “Naogopa,” “Beer Tamu,” and “Nice (Kiss)” also appear.

Harmonize’s success is a testament to the growing popularity of Bongo Flava music on the global stage. His music has resonated with audiences around the world, and his success is a sign of things to come for Tanzanian music.

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