VIDEO: Hellen Wendy The Kenyan Nurse Based In Canada Who Died In Swimming Pool While Live On Facebook

Hellen Wendy The Kenyan Nurse Based In Canada Who Died In Swimming Pool While Live On Facebook

Kenyans were shocked when a lady identified as Helen Wendy died while live on Facebook. The lady who was a nurse working in Canada was from work in the afternoon AMD decided to enjoy some cold afternoon swimming in a swimming pool.

She started a live video on her Facebook page where she was interacting with her fans while swimming. She would dive in water and resurface, come back to her fans but at the 9th minute, she dived but she did not come back to her phone.

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She started drowning and could be heard wailing for help. Sadly, there was no one around and she ended up dying. The live recording on her Facebook page went up to 3hrs.

Hellen Wendy was recording herself on Facebook live while swimming in a pool in Canada. Something happened in the 11th minute. She started wailing and kicking. Then the water became still. She’s dead.

Hellen Wendy is a daughter to David Getubo, Menyenya High school Kiswahili Teacher

However, before her death Hellen Wendy was just charting with her friend in Whatsapp Chat which Reveals a hinted at her death in Canada days before drowning In swimming pool.

“Hata Kama Ni This Year Nitakufia Tu Huku” she wrote

A day after Kenyan nurse based in Canada Helen Wendy died while filming herself swimming, her father has come out to confirm her death. Watch below:

In addition, Canadian based Kenyan Hellen Wendy’s boyfriend Alphonce Nyamwaya, has opened up about the last conversation she had with her before the freak swimming pool accident that took her life.

Nyawaya had a short conversation with Wendy before she headed into the swimming pool.

He recalls those last moments.

“I was preparing myself for the afternoon shift when she gave me a video call. She told me she was headed to the swimming pool to relax after completing her morning shift. She inquired whether I had eaten before we said goodbye to each other,” he said.

The pool where she drowned was in a private residence, according to Mr Nyamwaya.

In the video that shows her drowning, which has since gone viral, Wendy is seen engaging with friends on her Facebook page before she moves to the deep end of the swimming pool.

She then begins to sink and screams several times for help before pin-drop silence.

It’s not until three hours later that visitors who come to the swimming pool notice her body and stop the livestream.

In a conversation seen by the Nation, Wendy shares with a friend about her experiences in Canada.

“I will always be here. Even if I die this year, I don’t know whether you will come and take my body,” she jokingly says in one of the videos.

Wendy’s ambition of going abroad to seek greener pastures started after she completed her high school at Itierio Girls in 2017. She had a strong determination and knew that she had to set the bar high for the rest of her siblings.

The eldest daughter in a family of six inquired from her close friends about the process of moving to overseas countries like the United States and Canada.

Although she knew she would get an opportunity, there was one thing standing in her way; she did not know anyone in Canada.

One of her closest friends said she kept on inquiring until she got someone who had relatives in Canada and who helped her move there after she secured a green card.


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