Is the East Rising? Tanzania NBC Makes Mark as Saudi League Outplays MLS

Just days after Cristiano Ronaldo declared the Saudi Pro League superior to Ligue 1 at the 2023 Globe Soccer Awards, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) released their Men’s Strongest League ranking, with the Saudi league surprisingly landing ahead of Lionel Messi’s Major League Soccer.

Topping the charts is Serie A of Italy, amassing 1619.5 points, followed by England’s Premier League with 1567 points and Spain’s La Liga with 1447 points.

The Saudi Pro League finds itself nestled at 33rd with 479.5 points, while MLS languishes in 63rd position with 319.5 points. This validates Ronaldo’s claim on some level, placing his current league above his Argentine rival’s.

However, it’s essential to remember that the ranking stems from IFFHS’ points system, which takes into account factors like the number of international players in each league, results of international matches between national teams from respective leagues, and player quality.

Opinions might differ on the methodology and league rankings. Nevertheless, there’s no denying the Saudi Pro League’s recent ascent, attracting superstars like Ronaldo.

1. Serie A – Italy: 1619.5 points
2. Premier League – England: 1567 points
3. La Liga – Spain: 1447 points
4. Serie A – Brazil: 1290.5 points
5. Bundesliga – Germany: 1282.75 points
6. Ligue 1 – France: 1143.25 points
7. Liga Portugal – Portugal: 1097 points
8. Eredivisie – Netherlands: 1049.75 points
9. Belgian Pro League – Belgium: 1004.75 points
11. Primera DivisiĆ³n – Argentina: 966.5 points

33. Saudi Pro League – Saudi Arabia: 479.5 points
63. Major League Soccer – USA: 319.5 points
64.NBC Premier League – Tanzania: 309 points

Interesting takeaways from the ranking:

  • All top five leagues hail from Europe.
  • The Saudi Pro League is the highest-ranked Arab league.
  • Tanzania’s NBC Premier League sits at 64th.

Do you think this ranking accurately reflects the reality of the world’s best leagues?

Will the Saudi Pro League continue its upward climb in the coming years?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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