Iyanya – Survive: An Anthem of Resilience

Nigerian superstar Iyanya is back with a track that’s guaranteed to fire you up. “Survive” is a song about pushing through the struggle, defying challenges, and rising stronger than ever. With its infectious beat and Iyanya’s signature vocals, this new release is a vital addition to any playlist needing a dose of determination.

Lyrics That Resonate: Breaking Down “Survive”

“Survive” doesn’t sugarcoat life’s difficulties. Iyanya’s lyrics are infused with grit, reflecting the realities we all face:

  • “You may see me struggle but you won’t see me fail” This defiant line sets the tone for the entire song. It’s about the unstoppable spirit within us, refusing to break down when the going gets tough.
  • “Everyone say life is easy but truly living it’s not” A sharp acknowledgment that even when others make life look effortless, we all hit those stumbling blocks and rough patches.
  • “So I’m tryna survive… don’t wanna lose this fight” These lines are the raw heartbeat of the song. It’s the inner battle, the relentless drive to push through.

Refusing to Surrender – Beating Your Chest in Defiance

Beyond the fight for survival, “Survive” becomes a song about unwavering self-belief:

  • “So I’m tryna be myself oh myself and then beat my chest till my fears I live no regret I leave no regret” Iyanya emphasizes the power in knowing who you are. Owning your truth, facing your fears head-on, leads to living a life without regret.

Your Call to Action

If you’re searching for a song that captures the raw spirit of determination, the unwavering belief in overcoming obstacles, Iyanya’s “Survive” delivers. It’s a reminder that even during our darkest hours, there’s a fighter in all of us waiting to step into the light.

Where to Find “Survive”

You can find “Survive” on all major streaming platforms. And if you love this track, make sure to check out Iyanya’s for more amazing music. Stream below;


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