Jahazi Modern Taarab – Kijiba (Audio)

  • Artist Names: Jahazi Modern Taarab
  • Track Title: Kijiba (Audio)
  • Year of Release: 2023
  • Category: Taarabu
  • Country: Tanzania

Dar es Salaam’s popular taarab music crew Jahazi Modern Taarab has released a new song titled “Kijiba,” which takes a strong stance against haters. The song’s lyrics speak to the resilience of those who are targeted by negativity and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Kijiba” opens with a powerful declaration: “Nikiharibikiwa roho zenu zinafurahia, nikifanikiwa roho zenu zinauma,” which translates to “When I fail, their spirits rejoice, when I succeed, their spirits ache.” This sets the tone for the rest of the song, which explores the motivations of haters and the impact that their negativity can have on others.

Despite the song’s serious subject matter, it is also infused with a sense of hope and optimism. The chorus encourages listeners to “simama imara,” which means “stand strong.” This message of resilience is further reinforced in the bridge, which states that “haters can’t stop your shine.”

Kijiba” is a timely and powerful song that is sure to resonate with listeners who have ever been the target of hate. It is a reminder that we should not let the negativity of others bring us down. Instead, we should focus on our own goals and dreams and never give up on ourselves.

Jahazi Modern Taarab’s Musical Style

Jahazi Modern Taarab is known for their unique blend of traditional taarab music and modern sounds. This fusion gives their music a fresh and contemporary feel that appeals to a wider audience. In “Kijiba,” the band’s signature sound is evident in the use of traditional taarab instruments such as the oud and the accordion, as well as modern elements such as synthesizers and drum machines.

The Impact of “Kijiba”

“Kijiba” has already had a significant impact on the Tanzanian music scene. The song has been praised for its strong message and its catchy melody. It has also been a commercial success, topping the charts and receiving widespread airplay.

In addition to its musical success, “Kijiba” has also sparked important conversations about hate and its impact on society. The song’s message of resilience and self-belief has inspired many people to stand up against negativity and pursue their dreams.


Jahazi Modern Taarab’s “Kijiba” is a powerful and timely song that is sure to leave a lasting impact on Tanzanian music and culture. The song’s message of resilience and self-belief is one that everyone can appreciate, regardless of their musical background. Listen below;

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