Jaivah Drops New Song “Kautaka” Ft. JFS Music & King Tone SA

Get ready to move your feet because the rising star of Tanzanian amapiano, Jaivah, is back with a brand new banger! This time, he’s teamed up with JFS Music and King Tone SA to deliver a track that’s guaranteed to set the dance floor alight.

Titled “Kautaka,” the song promises to be an infectious blend of amapiano’s signature percussive rhythms and smooth melodies. Jaivah, known for his captivating vocals and stage presence, is sure to take center stage on this one. JFS Music brings their own musical magic to the mix, while King Tone SA adds a touch of South African flavor to the collaboration.

Bxtra Records, the label behind Jaivah’s success, is known for nurturing some of Tanzania’s hottest talents. With “Kautaka,” they’re set to solidify their position at the forefront of the country’s amapiano scene.

This release marks a significant moment for Tanzanian amapiano. As Jaivah’s star continues to rise, along with collaborations like this one, Tanzanian amapiano is poised to take the music world by storm. Don’t miss out on the movement!


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