Jaivah’s YouTube Channel Continues to Grow

Jaivah’s YouTube channel, which has over 33,500 subscribers, was launched on January 5, 2016. The first video to be released on the channel was Jaivah‘s collaboration with Abbah Process, “Manzese,” which was released on October 11, 2019. Jaivah’s musical journey has produced 17 videos that have been viewed by over 3.9 million YouTube viewers.

The videos are led by the video for the song “SOUP,” which has been on YouTube for 8 months and has been viewed over 3.3 million times. The “SOUP” video is followed by “Pita Kule,” a song that Jaivah featured Marioo on.

The “SOUP” audio completes the top 3 of Jaivah’s most-watched YouTube works, with over 78,000 views.

Another video that is doing well among Jaivah’s videos is the visualizer for the song “Buruda,” which he collaborated with Marioo on. The song, which was released on Friday (December 8), is shaping up to be one of Jaivah’s most successful works on YouTube.

One day after the song was released, the video had been viewed over 130,000 times, surpassing other Jaivah videos that were released long ago. On the iTunes Tanzania chart, the song is at number one, followed by “Mi Nawe” by MocoGenius and Marioo.

Does this steady growth mean that Jaivah has finally found his first major hit after “SOUP,” which was his collaboration with Marioo, Chino Kidd, Scott London, and Ks Hub?

It’s still too early to say for sure, but the early signs are promising. “Buruda” is a catchy, upbeat song with a fun and relatable message. It’s the kind of song that is perfect for parties and other gatherings.

If Jaivah can continue to release quality music like “Buruda,” he could be on his way to becoming one of Tanzania’s most popular artists.

Here are some factors that could help Jaivah’s career continue to grow:

  • Continue to release high-quality music that is relevant to his audience.
  • Tour and perform live to connect with his fans.
  • Partner with other successful artists to reach a wider audience.

If Jaivah can do these things, he could be a force to be reckoned with in the Tanzanian music industry for years to come.

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