Jay Melody – Mbali Nawe: Sio Mbali! A Song of Love & Pain

In his 2023 song “Mbali Nawe,” Tanzanian singer Jay Melody explores the pain of love lost. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who is heartbroken after his girlfriend leaves him. He expresses his grief and confusion, wondering what he did wrong to cause her to leave.

The song begins with the man lamenting his pain. He sings, “Masikini mimi mwenzako mimi naumia sana.” (“Poor me, your partner, I am in so much pain.”) He knows that he will never be the same without his girlfriend. He sings, “Japo nishajua mimi kuwa sawa na wewe haitawezekana.” (“Even though I know that it will never be possible for me to be okay without you.”)

The man is confused by his girlfriend’s decision to leave. He sings, “Hata nikishuka chini ndo unaniona mi mjinga sanaa.” (“Even if I bow down, you still see me as a fool.”) He doesn’t understand why she would leave him when he has done everything he could to make her happy. He sings, “Eti umepatwa nini mbona hapo mwanzo ulituliaaaah.” (“What happened to you? Why did you calm down at first?”)

The man realizes that his girlfriend’s departure will leave a void in his life. He sings, “Na wala sio mbali sio mbali tulikua karibu na malengo.” (“And we weren’t far from achieving our goals.”) He sings, “Na leo kiutani kama utani umeishidwa kuumaliza mwendo.” (“And today, just like a joke, you couldn’t finish the journey.”)

The man is angry and hurt by his girlfriend’s actions. He sings, “Na tena haujali haujali ukiondoka utaacha pengo.” (“And you don’t even care that you’re leaving a void.”) He sings, “Hakuna cha habari nikae mbali huku kuachwa bila maelezo.” (“You don’t even care if I stay away, after being left without an explanation.”)

The chorus of the song repeats the phrase “Mbali nawe,” which means “Away from you.” This phrase expresses the man’s pain and loneliness. He is lost without his girlfriend, and he doesn’t know how to move on.

In the second verse, the man asks his girlfriend why she left him. He sings, “Au kuwa na mie hautamani basi niambie kosa gani.” (“Or you don’t want to be with me? Then tell me what I did wrong.”) He sings, “Basi niambie jinsi gani utakakua sawa baby mmh.” (“Then tell me how you’ll be okay, baby.”)

The man is desperate to understand what happened. He wants his girlfriend back, but he doesn’t know how to make that happen. He sings, “Nikueleze jinsi gani vile nimekuweka moyoni.” (“Tell me how much I’ve put you in my heart.”) He sings, “Hata unipime kwa mizani nitajaa kwako honey.” (“Even if you measure me with a scale, I’ll be full of you, honey.”)

The song ends with the man repeating the chorus. He is still in pain, and he doesn’t know how to move on. He is lost without his girlfriend, and he doesn’t know how to find his way back to happiness.

Mbali Nawe” is a powerful song that resonates with anyone who has ever experienced the pain of love lost. It is a reminder that love is a powerful emotion that can bring great joy and great pain. Stream below;

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