Joh Makini Rings in 2024 with Fire Collab Ft. Jay Melody & Bien!

Dar es Salaam’s own rap King, Joh Makini, ain’t wasting any time in 2024! Fresh off the heels of a banger New Year’s celebration, he’s dropped a bombshell announcement on her Instagram that’s got the whole Tanzanian hip-hop scene buzzing: a brand new track titled “Me,” featuring none other than heavyweights Jay Melody and Bien!

Joh Makini’s message was simple yet electrifying: “As we enter 2024 God is the Greatest Happy New year ya’ll Me Ft jaymelody & bien another one! Subscribe my channels let’s go.” Boom! Just like that, he’s set the tone for what promises to be an epic year in Tanzanian music.

This collab is a match made in musical heaven. Joh Makini, known for his fierce flow and introspective lyrics, teams up with the smooth melody and lyrical dexterity of Jay Melody, and Bien, who brings his signature soulful energy to the mix. It’s a recipe for pure fire, and Tanzanian hip-hop fans are already salivating.

While details about the track itself are still under wraps, the mere mention of these three names together is enough to send shivers down any discerning music lover’s spine. Joh Makini has a knack for crafting anthems that resonate with the Tanzanian soul, and with Jay Melody and Bien by his side, there’s no doubt the song will be a certified banger.

But Joh Makini isn’t just dropping a new track, he’s making a statement. This collab is a testament to the vibrant talent pool within the Tanzanian music scene. It shows that collaboration, not competition, is the key to pushing boundaries and taking Tanzanian music to the world stage.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Joh Makini’s channels and hit that subscribe button! Let’s show our support for this powerhouse Tanzanian king and prepare to be blown away by when it drops. This is just the beginning, and 2024 is already shaping up to be Joh Makini’s year. Get ready to witness greatness unfold!

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