Jovial – Vybe Video: Get Your Groove On

Kenyan sensation Jovial has dropped a brand new music video for her hit song “Vybe”. The infectious Afrobeat single is all about embracing good vibes and letting loose.

The video, shot in the vibrant city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, showcases Jovial and her friends living it up with carefree dancing and joyous energy. The visuals are a burst of color and movement, perfectly complementing the song’s uplifting spirit.

“Vybe” is featured on Jovial’s highly anticipated upcoming album, promising even more exciting music from the talented singer. The track is already a fan favorite, and the video is sure to boost its popularity even further.

About Jovial

Jovial is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, and dancer celebrated for her electrifying live shows and irresistible Afrobeat sound. Her list of accolades includes the 2019 Afrima Award for Best Female Artist in Eastern Africa.

With a massive social media following, Jovial is a leading figure in the Kenyan music scene. She inspires young women across Africa, using her voice to champion self-love and empowerment.

Watch the video for “Vybe” here:


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