Kayumba – Wapo Video: Wapo Wahuni Waliozeeka Vibe! Watch

Tanzanian singer Kayumba has released a new song called “Wapo.” The song is a catchy, upbeat tune that is sure to get you moving. The lyrics are about the importance of respecting elders and learning from their wisdom.

The song begins with Kayumba singing about how he is looking for people to teach him about the city. He then goes on to list a number of things that young people should avoid doing, such as putting shoes in the fridge, driving too fast, and gossiping.

The chorus of the song is a call to respect elders. Kayumba sings, “Wapo wazeeka, wapo wazeeka, wapo wazeeka, wapo wazeeka.” This means, “There are elders, there are elders, there are elders, there are elders.”

The song ends with Kayumba singing about the importance of learning from elders. He sings, “Tafuta watu wakufunze jiji, usije weka viatu ndani ya friji.” This means, “Look for people to teach you about the city, don’t put shoes in the fridge.”

“Wapo” is a great song that celebrates the wisdom of elders. It is a reminder that we should always respect our elders and learn from their experiences.

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