Kelvine Scapla’s “Ishi Nami”: A Song About the Power of Perseverance in Love

Tanzanian singer Kelvine Scapla has released a new love song titled “Ishi Nami Kwa Akili” (Live With Me). The song’s lyrics explore the importance of accepting your partner’s flaws and continuing to love one another despite difficulties.

The song begins with the line “If you see the work of loving starting again,” suggesting that love isn’t always easy, but requires continuous effort. Scapla encourages lovers not to give up on each other when facing problems, but to persevere and solve their issues together.

The lyrics “As we struggle and strive, we only worry ourselves” highlight that no one can be perfect, and we all have imperfections. Scapla urges lovers to accept each other’s flaws and maintain a wise approach to their love.

The song continues, “You and I, we aren’t the first, many have been hurt before”. Scapla reassures lovers not to worry when encountering relationship problems, as challenges are common. He encourages faith in God, believing that only He can help us overcome all obstacles.

“Ishi Nami” is a beautiful love song inspiring lovers to persevere throughout challenges. It demonstrates that true love requires patience, wisdom, and faith. Stream below;


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