Kibonge Wa Yesu – Wivu: An Uplifting New Song About Jealousy, Listen!

Tanzanian gospel singer Kibonge Wa Yesu is back with a powerful new song that tackles a common human failing: envy. Titled “Wivu,” which translates to “jealousy” in Swahili, the track delves into the singer’s struggle with jealousy towards others’ achievements.

“Wivu” is a raw and honest exploration of the negative emotions that can creep in when we compare ourselves to others. Kibonge Wa Yesu, a respected Gospel Minister from Mbeya, Tanzania, lays bare his feelings, pleading with God to remove the envious thoughts that cloud his joy.

This song isn’t just about personal struggles, though. “Wivu” serves as a powerful message for anyone who has ever been consumed by envy. It’s a call to let go of negativity and celebrate the victories of others.

Kibonge Wa Yesu, the founder of Kibo Melodies Republic and a 2020 Finest Award Winner, is known for his uplifting gospel music. “Wivu” is no exception. While acknowledging the challenges of envy, the song ultimately offers a message of hope and transformation. Through faith and reliance on God’s grace, Kibonge Wa Yesu believes we can overcome jealousy and find true happiness in the success of others.

“Wivu” is sure to resonate with listeners who have ever grappled with envy. It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion, gratitude, and celebrating the achievements of those around us. Listen to the song below;


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