Kim Ju Ae, the Next Leader of North Korea?

The intelligence agency of South Korea, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), has said that Kim Ju Ae, the daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, is the likely successor to her father. This is the first time that the NIS has identified Kim Ju Ae as the heir apparent.

Kim Ju Ae began appearing in public in late 2022, and she has been seen accompanying her father on military exercises and parades. She has also been seen wearing military uniforms, which suggests that she is being groomed for a leadership role.

The NIS said that Kim Ju Ae is being educated in North Korea’s elite schools, and that she is being trained in the country’s military and political systems. The agency also said that Kim Ju Ae is popular among the North Korean people, which could help her to consolidate power if she becomes leader.

Kim Jong Un has two other children, a son and a daughter, but the NIS said that they are not considered to be as qualified to lead the country. The son is believed to be too young, and the daughter is not as well-known as Kim Ju Ae.

It is still too early to say for sure whether Kim Ju Ae will become the next leader of North Korea. However, the NIS’s assessment suggests that she is the most likely candidate.


The NIS’s assessment of Kim Ju Ae as the likely successor to Kim Jong Un is significant for several reasons. First, it suggests that Kim Jong Un is preparing to step down from power in the near future. Second, it shows that the North Korean leadership is committed to a hereditary succession system. Third, it could have a major impact on the future of North Korea.

If Kim Ju Ae does become leader of North Korea, she will be the first woman to hold the position. She will also be the youngest leader in the country’s history. It remains to be seen how she will govern, but her ascension to power is likely to be a major event in the region

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