King Kaka – Tabasco 2 ft. Stella Mwangi & Shekina: A Fiery Collab

Kenya’s hip hop king is back, and he’s bringing the fire! King Kaka‘s latest track, “Tabasco 2,” ignites the music scene with scorching beats and killer rhymes. This time, he’s not alone – Stella Mwangi, Shekina Karen, and Vallerie Muthoni join the party, and this powerhouse crew is about to set your speakers ablaze.

The Dream Team

“Tabasco 2” is a clash of titans. Stella Mwangi’s iconic energy? Check. Shekina Karen’s rising star power? Absolutely. Vallerie Muthoni’s killer versatility? You got it. This track is a sizzling showcase of Kenyan talent, blending styles and voices to create something truly explosive.

Behind the Beat

The magic of “Tabasco 2” is fueled by Vince on the Beat. This production mastermind is known for addictive melodies and beats that hit hard, and he delivers once again. Not only did he craft the perfect instrumental, but Vince took care of the mixing and mastering too, making sure this track sounds as good as it feels.

A Visual Feast Awaits

The music video, directed by Steve Mugo of Kaka Empire, is as hot as the song itself. Mugo’s visuals amp up the lyrics, taking you into the world of “Tabasco 2.” Expect the signature creativity and fire that Kaka Empire always delivers.

Style on Point

The artists look as fierce as they sound thanks to makeup artist Vicky of VC Glam Studio and stylist Yobi Denzel. Style meets substance in this stunning video, complementing the raw energy of the music.

The Kaka Empire Touch

King Kaka‘s guiding hand is everywhere on “Tabasco 2,” from his killer verse to his leadership via Kaka Empire and Kaka Empire Management. This ain’t just a song – it’s a statement of his vision for Kenyan music.

Bottom Line

King Kaka, Stella Mwangi, Shekina Karen, and Vallerie Muthoni cooked up a scorcher with this one. Infectious, passionate, and masterfully produced, “Tabasco 2” is a blazing example of Kenya’s vibrant music scene in 2024. And you better believe, Kaka Empire’s just getting warmed up.


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