Koffi Olomide Drops New Single “Mama Eyenga” ft. Cindy Le Cœur

Soukous music fans, rejoice! Koffi Olomide, the Congolese legend, has released a brand new track titled “Mama Eyenga.” This exciting collaboration features the rising star Cindy Le Cœur.

Who is Koffi Olomide?

Koffi Olomide (born Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba) is a giant in the world of African music. He’s a master of the soukous style, known for his energetic dance moves, prolific songwriting, and dynamic productions. If you’re into vibrant, danceable music, Koffi Olomide is a must-listen. His previous hits like “Hercule” (featuring Ninho) demonstrate his ability to stay relevant and trend online.

What to Expect from “Mama Eyenga”

Get ready to add “Mama Eyenga” to your party playlists! This new single has all the hallmarks of a Koffi Olomide classic: infectious rhythms, catchy melodies, and Cindy Le Cœur’s stunning vocals adding a fresh layer to the sound.

Where to Find “Mama Eyenga”

Check out your favorite music streaming platforms to find “Mama Eyenga.” Stay updated on Koffi Olomide’s latest releases and potential upcoming projects.


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