Kusah – Ananipa Pendo Ananipa Dawa

Tanzanian singer and songwriter Kusah has released a new song titled “Ananipa Pendo Ananipa Dawa.” The song is a love song about a woman who is deeply in love with her man. She sings about how he makes her feel and how he is the only one who can give her the love and medicine she needs.

The song has been well-received by fans and critics alike. Many people have praised Kusah’s vocals and the song’s catchy melody. The song has also been praised for its positive message about love.

The song’s lyrics are as follows:

  • Nampenda, kwakwe nimezama nimepagawa, namuita daddy
  • Ananipa pendo ananipa dawa, siwezi kuishi bila yeye
  • Yeye ni mpenzi wangu, yeye ni rafiki yangu, yeye ni kila kitu kwangu
  • Namshukuru Mungu kwa kunipa yeye

The song is available to stream on all major platforms.

About Kusah

Kusah is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter. She is known for her soulful voice and her ability to write songs that connect with people on an emotional level. Kusah has released several albums and singles, and she has toured extensively throughout Tanzania.

Kusah is a rising star in the Tanzanian music industry. She is one of the most popular female singers in the country, and her music is loved by people of all ages. Kusah is an inspiration to many young people, and she is a role model for women in the music industry.



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