Kusah – Daddy: Kwake Nimezama Nimepagawa Heartfelt Song, Listen!

Get ready for another hit from the Tanzanian sensation, Kusah! The talented singer-songwriter has just dropped a brand-new single titled “Daddy,” a track that promises to touch hearts and stir emotions.

Kusah’s music has become known for its blend of catchy melodies and relatable lyricism, and “Daddy” looks to continue this trend. The song is a deeply personal one for the artist, with lyrics by Kusah himself (born Salmin Ismaili Hoza). Delving into themes of fatherhood and family bonds, “Daddy” is sure to resonate with listeners who hold those relationships close.

This emotional new single is brought to life by the skilled production of Chiby Beat. With Chiby Beat’s signature touch, “Daddy” showcases an infectious rhythm sure to captivate listeners from the first beat.

Where to Find “Daddy”

Kusah’s devoted fans won’t want to miss this latest release! “Daddy” is now available to stream or download on all major music platforms. Here are a few places to get your hands on the track:

  • YouTube Music
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Boomplay

Why You’ll Love “Daddy”

  • Emotional Depth: “Daddy” isn’t just another catchy tune – the lyrics offer a heartfelt and introspective look at the powerful bond between a father and child.
  • Kusah’s Signature Style: Fans of Kusah will recognize his trademark blend of relatable storytelling and infectious beats.
  • Chiby Beat’s Production Magic: The talented producer’s work on “Daddy” provides a perfect backdrop to Kusah’s heartfelt vocals.

Mark your calendars and get ready to be moved! “Daddy” is out now, and it’s another must-listen addition to Kusah‘s already impressive discography. Let us know what you think of this latest release in the comments!


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