Kusah – Daddy Video: New Love Anthem

Get ready to swoon! Tanzanian artist Kusah is heating things up with the release of her smoldering new music video for the love song “Daddy”. This track is a sweet and sultry dedication to that special someone, full of promises and declarations of deep devotion.

Love in the Face of Adversity

“Daddy” is all about finding that person who’ll stand by your side, no matter what. Kusah sings about enduring both the good and difficult times, brushing off gossip and negativity with lines like:

  • “Wambea tumewaacha, wakiongeza maneno, sisi hatujali” (We ignore the gossipers, their words don’t matter to us)

The Healing Power of Love

The song highlights love’s strength, with Kusah describing her partner’s love as medicine for her soul. Her lyrics are full of infatuation:

  • “Ananinapa pendo, ananipa dawa, kwake nimezama, nimepagwa” (He gives me love, he gives me medicine, I’m lost in him, I’m obsessed)

A Video Full of Warmth

The music video complements the song’s sentiment perfectly. We see Kusah filled with longing as she starts the song alone, her mood mirroring the more somber opening notes. As the song progresses, we’re treated to intimate and joyful scenes of Kusah with her beloved. The tender moments and genuine smiles between the two are infectious.

Catch the “Daddy” Craze

“Daddy” is sure to be the soundtrack for countless blossoming romances. Its blend of heartfelt lyrics with a captivating video makes it a Tanzanian love anthem in the making.

Don’t miss out, watch the video, lose yourself in the lyrics, and let Kusah’s infectious passion sweep you away!


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