Kusah – This Love Audio: New Love Song & a Beautiful Ode to True Love

Tanzanian singer Kusah has released a new love song titled “This Love.” The song, produced by Sky, is a beautiful and heartfelt ballad that celebrates the power of true love.

The song opens with Kusah singing about how he has never felt this kind of love before. He compares his lover to the moonlight and says that she has brought him to a new place. He is so in love with her that he is willing to be with her through thick and thin, rain or shine.

The lyrics of “This Love” are simple but effective. They convey Kusah’s deep feelings for his lover in a way that is both relatable and moving. The song’s smooth melody and soulful vocals add to its emotional impact.

This Love” is a perfect song for anyone who is in love. It is a reminder that true love is a gift that should be cherished.

Here are some of the specific lyrics that I find particularly beautiful:

  • “Such a beautiful love, sijawahi ona before” – This line expresses Kusah’s amazement at the strength and beauty of his love.
  • “Baby you are my moonlight, hapa nimefika hello” – This line compares Kusah’s lover to the moonlight, which is a symbol of hope and guidance.
  • “Darling unachonipa sijawahi pewa” – This line expresses Kusah’s gratitude for the love and support that he receives from his lover.
  • “Kije kiama niko nawe, shida na raha nipo nawe, mvua na jua niko na we, yaani milele mi nawe” – This line expresses Kusah’s commitment to his lover, no matter what challenges they may face.

Overall, “This Love” is a beautiful and moving song that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced true love. It is a song that will stay with you long after you first hear it. Stream below;

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