Lava Lava Ft. Billnass – Bia Nyama: A Toast to Letting Go

Tanzanian singers Lava Lava and Billnass have released a new song titled “Beer Nyama.” The song is a catchy dancehall track with lyrics that express the singers’ frustration with love.

The song begins with Lava Lava singing about a woman who has been playing with his emotions. He sings, “Kanikoroga huyo sina muda naye, kanikorogo huyo sina mpango naye.” (He played with me, I don’t have time for him, he played with me, I don’t have plans for him.)

Billnass then joins in, singing about how he is tired of love. He sings, “Mwenzenu nishachoka na mazpenzi bora ninywe bia na nyama.” (My friend, I’m tired of love, I’d rather drink beer and eat meat.)

The chorus of the song repeats these lyrics, and the singers then go on to sing about how they are enjoying their newfound freedom. They sing about how they are going to party and have fun, and they don’t care about anyone else.

The song has been a hit with fans, and it has already racked up millions of views on YouTube. It is sure to be a popular party song in Tanzania and beyond.


The song “Beer Nyama” is a refreshing change of pace from the usual love songs that are popular in Tanzania. It is a song that is honest and relatable, and it speaks to the experiences of many people who have been hurt by love.

The song is also a celebration of freedom. Lava Lava and Billnass are not afraid to be themselves, and they are not afraid to let loose and have fun. This is a message that is sure to resonate with people of all ages.

Overall, “Beer Nyama” is a well-crafted and catchy song that is sure to be a hit with fans of Tanzanian music. It is a song that is both relatable and empowering, and it is a song that people will be singing along to for years to come. Stream below;

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