Lody Music Returns With Heartfelt Ballad “Kosa”

Tanzanian singer-songwriter Lody Music, known for his infectious dance track “Kubali,” takes a turn for the emotional with his brand new song “Kosa” (Swahili for “Mistake”). This heartfelt ballad is a stark contrast to his previous work, diving deep into the regret and pain of a love gone wrong.

“Kosa” explores the aftermath of a relationship where the love wasn’t mutual. Lody pours his heart out, questioning his lover, “Is it my mistake for loving you?” The lyrics paint a picture of a one-sided love, where the woman’s actions contradict her supposed feelings. He sings about his regrets, wondering if he should have seen the signs earlier.

The song resonates with anyone who has ever loved someone who didn’t love them back in return. Lody’s powerful vocals convey the raw emotions of heartbreak, making “Kosa” a relatable and touching ballad.

While we don’t yet have details on a full album, “Kosa” is a promising new direction for Lody Music. It showcases his versatility as a musician and songwriter, allowing him to connect with fans on a deeper level.

Stay tuned to see if “Kosa” sparks a new wave of emotions from Lody’s fans, and whether it will mark a shift in his musical style. Listen up below;


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