Madeleine – Nampenda ft. Chino Kidd: Love Song Not To Miss!

Tanzanian singer Madeleine has released a brand new song, “Nampenda,” featuring Chino Kidd. The song is a beautiful love ballad that tells the story of two people who are deeply in love.

The song begins with Madeleine singing about how she loves her partner and how she can’t imagine her life without them. She sings, “Nampenda Mmoja tu, sitakuacha uende mbali” (I love you only, I won’t let you go far).

Chino Kidd then joins in on the chorus, singing about how he feels the same way about Madeleine. He sings, “Nakosa usingizi, you make me cryze” (I can’t sleep, you make me crazy).

The song continues with Madeleine and Chino Kidd singing about how their love is strong and how they will always be there for each other. They sing, “Mapenzi ni ya wawili, tukishikana mikono hatutaanguka” (Love is for two, if we hold hands we will not fall).

“Nampenda” is a beautiful song that will surely touch the hearts of anyone who hears it. It is a song about love, loss, and the power of two people who are meant to be together.

The song is available to stream on all major platforms.

About Madeleine

Madeleine is a new Tanzanian singer who is quickly making a name for herself. She is known for her powerful voice and her ability to connect with her audience through her music.

Madeleine’s debut single, “Nampenda,” has been met with critical acclaim. The song has been praised for its beautiful melody and its heartfelt lyrics.

Madeleine is a rising star in the Tanzanian music scene. She is sure to have a long and successful career ahead of her.

About Chino Kidd

Chino Kidd is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter who is known for his unique blend of Afrobeat and R&B. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Tanzanian music, including Marioo and Jaiva.

Chino Kidd is a talented artist who is sure to have a long and successful career ahead of him.


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