Listen: Madini Ft Linah – Dozi

Madini, a Tanzanian singer and songwriter has released another Mp3 soundtrack titled “Dozi” Ft Linah. Madini gained fame in the Tanzanian music industry with her soulful and melodious voice.

On the other hand, Linah is known for her R&B, soul, and Bongo Flava music style. She has released several popular songs, including “Bora Nikimbie,” “Hello,” “Ole Themba,” and “Kizaizai.”

Linah has collaborated with various Tanzanian artists and has also been recognized with several awards for her musical contributions. Her music often focuses on love, relationships, and life experiences.

Madini & Linah continues to be an active figure in the Tanzanian music scene, and fans can find her latest releases on music streaming platforms and her social media channels. Listen to their brand new tune “Dozi” below;

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