‘Mapoz’: Diamond Platnumz Unites New & Established Talents for Apple Music Chart

Diamond Platnumz has ignited the East African music scene with his new single, ‘Mapoz’, a sizzling collaboration with rising stars Jay Melody and Mr Blue. Produced by the talented S2kizzy, the song dropped on Friday, January 26th, after weeks of building anticipation among fans.

Within just two days, ‘Mapoz‘ has stormed the Apple Music Top 100 Tanzania chart, claiming the coveted #1 spot. This explosive debut dethrones Nandy’s new track, ‘Dah’, and sends it tumbling down to #4.

Meanwhile, other chart-toppers shuffle to make room for ‘Mapoz’. Marioo and Harmonize’s new release, ‘Away’, slides down from #2 to #3, while Jaivah and Marioo’s enduring hit, ‘Buruda’, reclaims its #2 position after spending last week at #4. ‘Buruda’ holds the distinction of being the most long-lasting chart-topper of 2024 so far.

Chris Brown’s ‘Angel Numbers’ feels the heat of ‘Mapoz’, falling from #3 to #6. Rounding out the Top 5 is ‘Jelousy’ by CeekaRSA & TylerICU (feat. Leemckrazy & Khalil Harrison).

‘Mapoz’ showcases Diamond Platnumz’s masterful ability to unite diverse talents and create infectious music that resonates with fans across East Africa. The blend of Jay Melody’s and Mr Blue’s unique vocals with Diamond Platnumz’s signature delivery, all anchored by S2kizzy’s stellar production, makes ‘Mapoz’ an irresistible and sonically captivating track.

Fans have embraced the song with overwhelming enthusiasm. Social media is buzzing with positive reactions, celebrating ‘Mapoz’ and predicting its long reign at the top of the charts.

Undeniably, ‘Mapoz’ is a firecracker of a song, deserving of every listen and dance move it inspires. It marks a moment of artistic triumph for Diamond Platnumz and the promising talents of Jay Melody and Mr Blue. ‘Mapoz’ is undoubtedly one of the hottest contenders for top song of 2024.

So, turn up the volume and let ‘Mapoz’ transport you to the heart of East African musical magic!

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