Marioo – Away Video Ft. Harmonize: Music Video Out Now, Watch!

Tanzanian superstars Marioo and Harmonize have finally unveiled the long-awaited music video for their smash hit, “Away.” Directed by the talented Joma, the video is a cinematic masterpiece that perfectly complements the song’s message of enduring love and defiance.

A Visual Treat

The “Away” video bursts with vibrant colors and captivating imagery. Marioo and Harmonize deliver passionate performances, their chemistry on-screen undeniable. The video takes viewers on a journey through lush settings, highlighting the intensity of the emotions the song’s lyrics explore. Director Joma’s skillful eye ensures that every frame is visually compelling.

Love Against the Odds

“Away” is a powerful anthem of unwavering love facing external disapproval. The song’s lyrics speak of a couple determined to stay together despite opposition from family and others:

“Your momma don’t wanna see us Your daddy don’t wanna see us And some of them don’t want love But they can never be us don’t trust it no”

The music video emphasizes this theme, portraying Marioo and Harmonize as defiant lovers willing to fight for their connection.

A Must-Watch for Fans

If you’ve been captivated by Marioo and Harmonize‘s “Away,” experiencing the music video is essential. It adds a new layer of depth to the song, making their collaboration even more impactful. “Away” is a testament to the power of love, and the music video brings that message to life in a spectacular way.

Where to Watch

You can find the “Away” music video on YOUTUBE . Be sure to like, comment, and share the video to support these amazing Tanzanian artists.


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