Marlaw – Tabiabwete (Jualile Literemke)

Marlaw is out again with a brand new dance song titled “Tabiabwete (Jualile Literemke)”. Marlaw is best known for his unique style of blending traditional Tanzanian music with contemporary sounds and his ability to deliver socially conscious messages through his music.

However, Marlaw has released several albums throughout his career, including “Bembeleza”, “Sikiliza”, and “Pii Pii”. He has also won several awards for his music, including Best Songwriter at the Kilimanjaro Music Awards.

Marlaw is one of the Tanzanian musica legend who disturbed the Music Industry in early 20’s. Here are some of his popular songs:

  1. Bembeleza
  2. Rita
  3. Baraka
  4. Pii Pii
  5. Nimezama
  6. Sikiliza Wimbo
  7. Milele
  8. Mwanaume wa Siku Hizi
  9. Taa ya Miguu
  10. Amini Uko Wapi

These are just a few of Marlaw’s popular songs. He has released many other great songs throughout his career, and I encourage you to check out more of his music if you enjoy his style. Watch to his latest one below;

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