Masauti and Nadia Mukami Release Soulful Duet “Utanipenda”

Kenyan music scene is buzzing with excitement as two of its most celebrated artists, Masauti and Nadia Mukami, join forces for a captivating duet titled “Utanipenda”. The song, which translates to “Will You Love Me?”, is a heartfelt exploration of love that transcends the boundaries of physical appearance and embraces the beauty of aging together.

From the opening notes, Masauti’s soulful vocals intertwine with Nadia Mukami’s delicate melodies, creating a harmonious blend that perfectly captures the essence of their message. The lyrics, penned by Masauti, delve into the insecurities that often arise with age, questioning whether love can endure the changes that time brings.

“Ninachojua uzee hupo, usichana unakwenda, ule urembo haupo, miaka zilienda,” Masauti sings, his voice laced with vulnerability. “Je, utanipenda nikipata michirizi? Utanipenda kikija na kitambi?”

Nadia Mukami’s response is a testament to true love’s unwavering nature. “Oh baby! Usiwe na shaka, mi mwenzako nakupenda,” she reassures, her voice radiating warmth and affection. “Ule urembo uko, hata miaka ikienda. Kwanza ndo utanoga, ukipata michirizi.”

The song’s chorus, “I hope utanipenda my baby mpaka kesho, kufa kuzikana, mi nawe baby,” serves as a powerful declaration of their enduring love, promising to stand by each other through the test of time.

Utanipenda” is more than just a song; it’s a reminder that love is not defined by fleeting physical attributes but by the deep connection that exists between two souls. As Masauti and Nadia Mukami’s voices harmonize, they paint a beautiful picture of love that grows stronger with each passing year.

The song’s release has been met with an enthusiastic response from fans across Kenya, who have praised the artists for their genuine and heartfelt performance. “Utanipenda” is undoubtedly a song that will resonate with listeners of all ages, reminding them of the true essence of love that endures through the years.


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