Masauti Introduces His New Extended Playlist (EP) This Is Me

Masauti Introduces His New Extended Playlist (EP) This Is Me. “Masauti – This Is Me” is a new Extended playlist by Kenyan musician Masauti, also known as Kenyan Boy. The song was released in 2023 and is part of his latest release.

The EP is a celebration of Masauti’s personal journey and the obstacles he has overcome to become successful in the music industry.

Exray Taniua Ft. Daddy Andre & Masauti – Cinderella

He sings about his past struggles and how he has persevered through them, ultimately becoming a better person as a result. The EP g is also an ode to his fans who have supported him along the way.

The music video for “Masauti – This Is Me” features Masauti walking through the streets of Nairobi and East African countries and interacting with his fans.

Overall, “Masauti – This Is Me” is a powerful and uplifting Extended Playlist that showcases Masauti’s unique style and talent as a musician. Listen below;

Masauti – This Is Me EP Tracklist:

  1. Masauti – Case
  2. Masauti – God Did
  3. Masauti – Caro
  4. Masauti – Maupendo
  5. Masauti – Woman
  6. Masauti – Sessy
  7. Masauti – Come Back
  8. Masauti – Feeling