Meek Mill – Giving Chanel ft. Future: A New Hot Collaboration

Meek Mill and Future, two heavyweights in the rap game, have joined forces to bring us the latest banger, “Giving Chanel.” Packed with fiery verses, catchy beats, and a glimpse into the artists’ extravagant lifestyles, this track is set to make waves in the music scene. Let’s dive into the lyrics and dissect what makes “Giving Chanel” a standout release.

Verse 1: The opening lines set the tone for the track, with Meek Mill and Future boasting about their affiliation with the gang and their ability to provide legal support for their comrades. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a life filled with luxury, fast cars, and lavish experiences.

Meek Mill’s reference to “whipping the rarri on Collins” and providing Chanel while “giving them hell” suggests a rebellious and carefree attitude. The verses reflect a sense of confidence and success, emphasizing the artists’ ability to turn challenges into triumphs.

Chorus: The catchy chorus, repeating the phrase “It’s giving Chanel,” adds a signature touch to the song. This hook not only serves as a memorable element but also reinforces the theme of opulence and high-end fashion associated with the brand Chanel.

Meek Mill and Future’s collaborative efforts shine in the chorus, creating an infectious vibe that will likely have listeners singing along and feeling the energy of the track.

Verse 2: The second verse delves into Meek Mill’s journey from the streets to success, emphasizing his resilience and determination. The mention of a recent tragedy, the loss of a close friend, adds a poignant touch to the narrative, showcasing the harsh realities the artists have faced.

Meek Mill’s raw and authentic expression in lines like “Can’t even explain how I feel unless I’m rolling off these pills” and “I smoke some weed to go to sleep and wake up praying it ain’t real” gives listeners a glimpse into the emotional depth of the artists.

Meek Mill and Future’s collaboration on “Giving Chanel” demonstrates a seamless blend of their distinct styles. Both artists bring their A-game, complementing each other’s strengths and delivering a track that is both lyrically sharp and sonically engaging.

With “Giving Chanel,” Meek Mill and Future have gifted the music world a track that combines trap beats, luxurious imagery, and authentic storytelling. The song’s infectious energy and memorable lyrics are sure to resonate with fans, solidifying its place in the playlist of anyone craving a dose of top-tier hip-hop. Keep an eye on the charts; “Giving Chanel” is poised to make a significant impact.


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