Watch: Meja Kunta Ft Deeluck – Tabia Mbaya Video

Meja Kunta is a Tanzanian musician and songwriter presents his brand new video song “Tabia Mbaya” Ft Dee Luck. Meja gained popularity in Tanzania and other parts of East Africa with his unique musical style that blends Bongo Flava (a Tanzanian genre).

Meja Kunta rose to prominence in 2020 with his hit single “Wanga,” which became an instant hit and garnered millions of views on YouTube. The song showcased his melodic vocals and catchy hooks, and it quickly became a favorite among music lovers in Tanzania and beyond.

Following the success of “Wanga,” Meja Kunta continued to release more music, collaborating with other popular artists in the Tanzanian music scene. Some of his notable songs include “Pipi,” “Mamu,” and “Shori.”

Meja Kunta‘s rise to fame has been relatively quick, and he has become one of the prominent young artists in Tanzanian music. His talent, catchy melodies, and energetic performances have endeared him to fans and established him as a rising star in the industry.

Watch to “Meja Kunta Ft Dee Luck – Tabia Mbaya Video” below;