Mimi Mars Unveils Heartfelt Love Ballad “Till I Die”

Tanzanian songstress Mimi Mars has captured hearts with her brand-new single “Till I Die,” a passionate declaration of love and devotion. The song’s blend of Swahili and English lyrics creates a unique and compelling soundscape that reflects the complex nature of modern relationships.

A Cross-Cultural Love Story

“Till I Die” paints a vivid picture of a love that breaks down cultural barriers. Mars’ lyrics speak of an intoxicating romance, filled with sweet nicknames like “sinyorita” and heartfelt declarations. The line “he gives me his world nimeridhika / nisipomwona mwenzenu karoho kanalipuka” speaks to a deep sense of fulfillment and a burning longing whenever her lover is absent.

The song’s chorus is a simple yet powerful affirmation:

baby tell me that you love
Na ntakua ok sio rohoni
hata moyoni
umejaa kama wote
love you till i die

Here, Mimi Mars emphasizes that a simple expression of love has the power to soothe her soul and fill her entire being.

Sensual and Uninhibited

The second verse of “Till I Die” introduces a playful intimacy to the song. Mars describes a “Killer in a suite” who put a ring on it “with his African shit.” There’s a sensuality intertwined with respect, showing a woman who’s confidently in love and unafraid to express her desires.

A Hit in the Making

“Till I Die” showcases Mimi Mars’s ability to seamlessly intertwine Swahili and English, creating a sound that is simultaneously fresh and rooted in Tanzanian musical traditions. The song’s catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics are sure to capture the hearts of listeners across East Africa and beyond.

Fans of Mimi Mars, lovers of romantic ballads, and anyone curious about the vibrant Tanzanian music scene should be sure to give “Till I Die” a listen. You can find it on boomplay below;


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