Moses Bliss – Love Love ft. Frank Edwards: Love Song and Gospel Joy

Nigerian gospel music is experiencing a surge of heartfelt and joyous love-inspired songs, and Moses Bliss’s latest collaboration with Frank Edwards is an instant classic. Their new release, “Love Love,” celebrates the beauty and holiness of marriage, painting a picture of love that’s sincere, protective, and a true gift from God.

The Song: A Promise and a Song of Gratitude

“Love Love” is a song built on sweet promises and overflowing emotions. Moses Bliss sings of his pledge to be his wife’s best friend, a loving father, and her steadfast protector. His words echo the depth of his commitment and his understanding that this woman is a true blessing.

The song’s upbeat rhythm makes it a celebration. Each “Hallelujah” and “Hossana” bursts out with the sheer joy of finding the right partner, someone who makes you a better person. Tears of happiness, gratitude for a virtuous wife, and a deep appreciation for her mother permeate the lyrics.

The Essence of “Love Love”

Beyond the words, “Love Love” carries a message that speaks to everyone who’s found that special someone. It captures the essence of a bond that makes you want to be the best version of yourself. The song highlights love as something far beyond material possessions, a gift that “only Papa [God] fit do this kind”.

A New Classic for Weddings and Beyond

The sincerity, joy, and beautiful vocals in “Love Love” position it as a new wedding favorite. Expect to hear this song at countless gospel weddings where couples are celebrating a union filled with God’s love and protection. More than that, the message of “Love Love” extends far beyond the wedding day. It’s a reminder of the love we should strive for every day in any committed relationship.

Where to Find “Love Love”

I’m still eagerly waiting to find out where “Love Love” will be released! Be sure to check Moses Bliss and Frank Edwards’s usual platforms and streaming services.


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