Moses Bliss – You Are Great (Baba I thank You): An Anthem of Gratitude and Faith

Nigerian gospel star Moses Bliss has released yet another soul-stirring single, and this time it’s an uplifting declaration of God’s greatness and unwavering support. “You Are Great” is a song that exudes gratitude, praise, and the enduring power of faith in the face of life’s challenges.

Soaring Lyrics: A Testimony of Blessings

The lyrics of “You Are Great” are a beautiful tapestry of thanksgiving and faith. Bliss speaks of the blessings bestowed upon him – the divine guidance, provision, and protection that shape his life. He sings:

“You give me wings Now I’m up in the air As I dey plant You dey give me the rain”

These lines illustrate a deep, personal connection with God. He feels the presence of a higher power that supports and nurtures his growth and success. The chorus reinforces this theme with heartfelt praise:

“Lord You are great You are greatly to be praised Cos e dey happen as You talk am (Because what you say happens) Baba I thank You”

Celebrating God’s Grace and Guidance

The concept of undeserved yet abundant blessings runs deep in “You Are Great.” Bliss acknowledges this in the poignant lines:

“Me no fit deny oh (I cannot deny) All of my blessings na divine oh When I look around oh All I see na Your hand oh (All I see is your hand)”

Through the ups and downs of life, he is keenly aware of a guiding force shaping his path and offering strength amidst hardships.

A Blend of Languages, A Universal Message

The song weaves seamlessly between English, Pidgin English, and Igbo, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of Nigeria while emphasizing the universality of the song’s core message. Key phrases like “Jehovah Bu Onyeoma” (God is a good God) and “Na You be my agidigba” (You are my solid rock) resonate deeply with anyone whose life has been lifted by a profound belief in divine presence.

The Takeaway: The Power of Faith and Praise

“You Are Great” is more than just a song; it’s a reminder of the transformative power of faith and unabashed praise. Through his lyrics, Moses Bliss encourages us to look at our own lives, to recognize those moments of grace, and find the strength to praise even in moments of challenge.

Listen and Be Lifted

You can find “You Are Great” by Moses Bliss on all major streaming platforms. Whether you’re already a devoted fan or simply seeking a spiritually uplifting musical experience, this song is sure to touch your soul and remind you of the greatness that exists all around us. Stream below;


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