Moto (Hii Dunia Bila Sisi) – Lady JayDee ft. Zuchu, Nandy, Abigail Chams & Shilole

In a harmonious celebration of womanhood, a star-studded lineup of Tanzanian music sensations has come together to release a special anthem for International Women’s Day. The song, titled “Moto,” is a powerful and uplifting tribute to women, featuring the incredible talents (Samia Queens) of Zuchu, Nandy, Rosa Ree, Zee Cute, Abigail Chams, Maua Sama, Shilole, Malkia Karen, Khadija Kopa, and many more. This collaboration promises to set the airwaves ablaze and spread a message of empowerment and solidarity among women worldwide.

The All-Star Ensemble:

The collaboration brings together some of Tanzania’s most beloved and influential female artists, each known for their unique style and powerful voices. Zuchu, Nandy, Rosa Ree, and Maua Sama, among others, have individually captivated audiences with their chart-topping hits and distinct musical flavors. Now, united in a single anthem, their combined talents promise to create a musical masterpiece that resonates with the spirit of International Women’s Day.

The Message of “Moto”:

“Moto,” the Swahili word for fire, is a fitting title for a song that aims to ignite the flames of inspiration and empowerment. The lyrics are expected to carry a message of resilience, strength, and unity among women, celebrating their achievements and highlighting the challenges they continue to overcome. With a catchy and upbeat melody, “Moto” is set to be a spirited anthem that encourages women to stand tall and be proud of their journey.

International Women’s Day:

International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8th, is a global celebration dedicated to honoring the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. It is a day to recognize the ongoing struggle for gender equality and to celebrate the progress that has been made. “Moto” serves as a musical tribute to the resilience of women and their unwavering determination to break barriers and make a mark in every sphere of life.

Behind the Scenes:

The collaboration behind “Moto” represents not only a musical triumph but also a demonstration of solidarity among female artists in the Tanzanian music industry. As these talented singers come together to create something special, it sends a powerful message of unity and support, fostering a sense of community among women in the entertainment world.

Anticipation and Excitement:

Fans and music enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the release of “Moto,” excited to witness the magic that unfolds when such an impressive lineup of artists collaborates on a single project. The song’s release is expected to be accompanied by a visually stunning music video, adding an extra layer of excitement to this already highly anticipated event.


“Moto” is not just a song; it is a celebration of womanhood, a testament to the strength, resilience, and unity of women around the world. The collaboration of Zuchu, Nandy, Rosa Ree, Zee Cute, Abigail Chams, Maua Sama, Shilole, Malkia Karen, Khadija Kopa, and more promises to create a musical masterpiece that will leave a lasting impact on the hearts of listeners. As the world gears up to celebrate International Women’s Day, “Moto” stands ready to become the anthem that inspires and empowers women everywhere. Get ready to feel the heat – “Moto” is about to set the music scene ablaze!


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