Mrs. Energy – What Is Love Video: A Soulful Valentine’s Song!

Step aside Hallmark, because Mrs. Energy, the queen of Tanzanian TikTok, is bringing the heat this Valentine’s Day with her debut single, “What Is Love.” This vibrant track, featuring the talented Viongozi Generation, is a potent blend of soulful vocals, playful lyrics, and infectious rhythm, guaranteed to set your love celebrations alight.

Fresh from captivating audiences across East Africa with her mesmerizing dance moves, Mrs. Energy is now taking the music scene by storm. Backed by the prestigious Viongozi Sport and Entertainment, she’s ready to steal hearts with her latest musical offering.

More than just a song, “What Is Love” is a sonic exploration of the multifaceted world of love. Written by the lyrical maestro Dbe Go Masta and produced by the renowned Owee, the song pulsates with soulful vibes that perfectly capture the essence of the season. Davee Soul’s enchanting acoustic guitar weaves magic, while Muba’s groovy bass line lays down an irresistible groove, making it impossible to resist moving your body.

This isn’t just a love song; it’s an invitation to dance your way into love’s embrace. Whether you’re celebrating with your soulmate, your squad, or simply embracing self-love, “What Is Love” is the perfect anthem to get the party started.

So, why should you hit play? Here’s the scoop:

  • Discover the latest song from Tanzania’s rising star, Mrs. Energy.
  • Immerse yourself in a soulful, captivating melody, perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  • Let the infectious rhythm move your feet and fill your heart with joy.
  • Experience the magic of Owee’s production and Dbe Go Masta’s lyrical mastery.
  • Sway to the enchanting sounds of Davee Soul’s guitar and Muba’s groovy bass.

Press play, crank up the volume, and let Mrs. Energy guide you on a musical journey of love and groove! Share the song with your loved ones and spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

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