Msami Drops Hot New Amapiano Track “Twende Kwa DJ”

Get ready to move because Tanzanian sensation Msami, the artist with killer dance moves and smooth Afropop and Bongoflava vibes, has just expanded his repertoire with the release of a sizzling new amapiano track, “Twende Kwa DJ”.

From the Dance Floor to the DJ Booth

Msami’s reputation as a master of movement precedes him. This former dancer has always infused his music with an infectious energy that gets everyone on their feet. Now, with “Twende Kwa DJ” he’s channeling that energy into the driving rhythms and hypnotic melodies of amapiano, the sound that’s sweeping the African continent.

The Sound of the Moment

Amapiano, with its roots in South Africa, has exploded into a global phenomenon. Its blend of deep house, jazz influences, and soulful vocals makes it the perfect soundtrack for celebration and good times. Msami’s entry into this genre with “Twende Kwa DJ” signals a thrilling fusion of Tanzanian flavor and the hottest sound on the streets.

What to Expect

“Twende Kwa DJ” translates to “Let’s Go to the DJ”, and that’s exactly what this song will inspire you to do. Expect pulsating basslines, shimmering synth melodies, and Msami‘s signature smooth vocals urging you to lose yourself in the beat. This is a track designed to ignite dance floors and fill the air with pure joy.

Where to Find the Heat

“Twende Kwa DJ” is set to take over streaming platforms and radio stations across Tanzania. Get ready to add this banger to your playlists and prepare for an amapiano-fueled dance party with a unique Tanzanian twist.

Msami: Always Evolving

Msami continues to prove his versatility as an artist. From heartfelt Afropop and Bongoflava anthems to this fiery amapiano journey, he’s not afraid to explore new sounds and keep his fans on their toes. “Twende Kwa DJ” is a testament to his growth and a thrilling addition to the vibrant Tanzanian music scene.


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