Msamiati – Tumeondoka Video Ft. Conboi Cannabino & Joh Makini: Directed By Ivan

Tanzanian music fans are buzzing about a fiery new track called “Tumeondoka” from a talented trio of artists: Msamiati, Conboi Cannabino, and Joh Makini. This song blends a catchy beat with powerful lyrics that reflect on life’s journey and its accompanying challenges.

Song’s Message

“Tumeondoka” (which means “We have left”) opens by narrating how the artists have escaped difficult circumstances and now experience a better life. They express gratitude for their success and emphasize the importance of learning from past mistakes. The song also touches on themes like friendship, family, and aspirations.

The Music

The beat for “Tumeondoka” is a fusion of Hip-Hop and traditional Tanzanian music. Msamiati opens the track with his unique vocals, followed by Conboi Cannabino’s rhythmic verses about life’s hardships. Joh Makini closes out the song with his smooth, optimistic tone.

Fan Impact

The song has been warmly received by Tanzanian music enthusiasts. Many are praising it for its strong message and captivating rhythm. It’s gained popularity on social media and is getting lots of airplay on radio stations across Tanzania.


“Tumeondoka” is a fantastic track showcasing the brilliance of Tanzanian artists. It gives fans a dose of hope and inspires them to fight through life’s difficulties. Without a doubt, “Tumeondoka” is poised to be a long-lasting hit.


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